Monday, October 02, 2006

Matthew Is Getting So Big!

Matthew Phillip LaZur has really come into his own this year. He turned 2 on August 12th, and has really hit that fun stage. Although Matthew was a late walker, he now runs and jumps with abandon. Matthew is not talking much yet, but he has no problem understanding words spoken by others. Matthew just loves playing with his big sister Taylor and frequently mimics her. Matthew is also into typical boy things like trucks, cars and sports.

Click here for the latest pictures of Matthew.

Taylor's 5th Birthday Party

Taylor Rae LaZur turned 5 this year and is quite the young lady! Sometimes we think Taylor is 5 going on 35! She is so smart, we forget how young she is. Taylor is also quite the social butterfly with lots of friends in the neighborhood and at school. Taylor's 5th birthday party was a combined affair with two other pre-school classmates and was held at Monkey Joes. Monkey Joes is a kid's fun house with lots of inside 'jumpy' toys to please all sizes and ages.

Clear here to view some pictures from Taylor's 5th birthday party.

Eric's Wedding

Eric LaZur and Kristi Owens were married in August on Lake Herrington in Kentucky. Taylor LaZur, and Kristi's daughter Makala, served as flower girls. Taylor and Makala both spent the morning at the Spa getting their hair and nails done. They were two of the prettiest flower girls you will ever see! Despite such a short time frame, Eric and Kristi pulled off a very nice wedding and reception. Even though the weather was very hot, it did not rain and plenty of food and beverages were available. We wish the best to Eric and Kristi in their long and prosperous lives together!

Click here for pictures from the wedding.

Dale Hallow Lake Trip

The LaZur, Prather, Stiles and Mueller families spent a fun, boat-filled week in mid-August at Dale Hallow Lake in Kentucky. Phil Prather and Dave Mueller both brought their boats for plenty of water skiing, tubing and rafting. We also rented a pontoon boat for a few days that was a big hit for all the children. This was a great opportunity for children from all the families to get together and play. In addition, we all celebrated Matthew's 2nd birthday with plenty of cake and noise!

Click here to view some of the pictures from this great trip!

Taylor's First Day of Kindergarten

Taylor started Kindergarten at Torrence Creek Elementary in August. She is very excited about school and even likes riding the bus! She has already made many friends and appears to be a teacher's favorite! It's hard to believe our little girl is already 5 and in school.

Click here to view pictures of Taylor's first day!

The Start of Blog

This is the first post of the LaZur's blog which will keep friends and family up to date of the comings and goings of the LaZur (and Prather) family.